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San Francisco Alumni and Friends Reception


Master of Advanced Engineering

Engage with one of Australia's leading engineering universities

Monash University provides innovative engineering research solutions and offers a wide range of undergraduate engineering degrees. Our Faculty of Engineering is renowned worldwide for the quality of our teaching and strength in engineering research.

Find out more about the internationally recognised engineering education and engineering studies at Monash University.


How assessing broken ships can help assess broken bones

The way we assess healing of fractured bones is being revolutionised by a global, Monash University-led research team working on a United States Navy-funded project.

Earthquakes don't kill, our collapsing structures do. So how can we build them to stay up?

The magnitude 6.2 earthquake that struck central Italy this week has so far resulted in the deaths of at least 250 people. Victims range in age from infants to pensioners and it is a tragedy that we unfortunately witness too often.
Dr Julie Karel (top) and Dr Faezeh Marzbanrad (below)

New female recruits in engineering

Monash University is welcoming two talented early career recruits to its Faculty of Engineering, as part of the University's continuing drive to recruit more women into the fields of science, technology, engineering, medicine and maths.

Sherilyn steps ahead with the Monash Engineering Leadership Program

An engineering degree provides the technical skills to work in the industry, but what about the know-how to really succeed? For skills like communication, networking, sustainability and project management, the internationally recognised Monash Engineering Leadership Program can make all the difference.
The Faculty of Engineering thanks our generous industry sponsors.